witness preparation

Witness preparation

A good witness is the key to success. As former Queen's Bench Justices, we can determine the credibility of a witness by sharing our perspectives. As your consultant for a Trial or any Viva Voce hearing, we can assist you in preparing your witness to provide persuasive and credible testimonies.

With our insight, we will look into the appearance, demeanor, body language, facial expression, choice of words, and overall believability of your client as we see it. We then reevaluate your witness to determine which is the most effective way, and which will capitulate under pressure.

What aspects of your witness’s testimony would or would not have appealed to us? To enhance the experience, we can conduct a mock court setting in which we and counsel are gowned to assist the witness’s familiarity with the process, and eliminate a level of stress that may otherwise affect their credibility