Dispute Resolution Associates offers seminar services that are directed at your firm's new associates, to emphasize the importance of projecting professionalism into the workplace.

How associates conduct themselves before the Court, with clients, with staff, and with society in general- is a reflection of your firm. What they wear, how they speak, the level of language they use and their etiquette in work-related or social occasions, can make or break a client’s confidence or undermine your firm as a whole. These are the subjects we will be addressing in our seminar.

We strongly believe this type of training is an essential learning experience for all lawyers to ensure that every meeting with a client, reinforces the level of excellence that you provide. New associates need to utilize every tool at his/her disposal to capitalize on that first impression. This will secure and maintain a client and project the level of confidence that is commensurate with the firm’s message. We provide those tools. Contact us to book your seminar.